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Rekey Locks

There are various reasons why you would need to rekey locks in Kitchener, ON. Whether this is a way to enhance your convenience or a solution to avoid an intrusion, our locksmith is at your service. We help fast and send experienced professionals to assist you with your request. Locksmith Kitchener can take caRekey Locks Kitchenerre of your needs fast and at affordable rates.

Our locksmith arranges lock rekey services fast

We arrange for your lock rekey service in Kitchener, Ontario, as fast as possible. Most of the times, people need rekeying when their keys are compromised. This happens when ex-tenants are in possession of your current property. Or when keys are stolen and lost. In such cases, a simple key replacement service won’t cover your security needs.

You need more efficient solutions and that’s what we offer by arranging for a locksmith to rekey locks. This service involves the replacement of the existing lock pins with new ones. The idea is to have a new key to operate with the door lock. And so the pins are placed in a new configuration to match the ridges and grooves of the new key. Naturally, the service includes key change too since it must be brand new and cut to pair the rekeyed lock.

Want a master key system? Want to change the key urgently? Call us

Locks can also be rekeyed to operate with one common key. Or to build a master key system. This is the system you want if you like one master key to open all or a prearranged number of doors. And there will also be keys for each door that will be used by each tenant. These systems are excellent solutions for buildings. And our company can help.

Contact our locksmith if you need to rekey locks in Kitchener urgently. If the key is stolen, you can’t take any chances. Someone might walk into your home or break-in the office by simply unlocking the door with the key. Call us and we will help 24/7. A pro will come out to cover your emergency lock rekeying needs in no time at all. Give us a ring now.

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